Security For The PM? A Right Shambles More Like It!

We have been fortunate to secure {which is more than they did with Cameron today} the insight from NCIS Special Agent Green. She was happy to run through the trail of disaster that went on in Leeds today.

The Numpty is oblivious to everything around him as the Threat approaches the possible Target.


The Target is clearly aware of the Threat but the Numpty is still oblivious. The Protection who should be with the Target is a pace behind where he should be.


Threat is about to make contact with the Target while Numpty still has no idea what is going on. The Protection is finally moving to where he should have been.


Unbelievably the Numpty is STILL clueless and Protection is closing in belatedly on the Target as the Threat closes in.


Threat makes contact with Target and Protection while Numpty is STILL in his own little world!


Numpty FINALLY realises the stuff has hit the fan!


Having convinced themselves that the Threat is the ONLY Threat the Target is left all alone. Had the Threat been a Decoy then the Target is now accessible to anybody else. SHOCKING LAPSE.


Numpty suddenly realises that NOBODY is protecting the Target.


Target gets into Safe Car.


NOBODY imagines that Osborne might be the REAL TARGET!


Who ARE those around the possible REAL TARGET?


Someone needs to be looking for a new job Tuesday morning.

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