PMQs: Is It Time To Knock It On The Head?

Is there any point to Prime Minister’s Questions anymore? It used to be a time when the Prime Minister of the day was asked questions about what the hell he or she was actually doing about anything. It was an occasion when a humble backbencher could ask a pertinent question of the PM to either put them on the spot or bring themselves to the attention of their colleagues.

Well for a start it has increasingly become Prime Minister’s NOT Answering Questions.


It has also taken on a Pantomime air as the likes of Off-Shore Cameron adopt this act which involves a series of badly rehearsed lines. You can tell he is coming towards the end of his Crosby penned script because he does his ‘lean forward, bend over the despatch box and then speak the last part quickly’ as he then sits down. He clearly has a little run-through in front of the bathroom mirror before the main event. He uses it for his, “It’s nothing to do with me; it was ALL the other lot.” After four and a half years we are starting to wonder, “So what the bloody hell have YOU been doing all this time???”


Something that is even worse than that little effort is the blatant ‘Plant’ who asks something like, “Would the greasy git of a PM agree with me that we should all be grateful that the sun actually shines out of his arse-hole?” This is accompanied by much waving of tablets and mobiles as one side ‘mock-cheer’ and the others ‘mock-jeer’.

To make this pitiful scarf waving even worse we had a member of the front bench of the opposition wearing a T-shirt, as if that isn’t bad enough, which promotes a fashion magazine and, just at the moment, also happens to promote an ideology of freedom. Who knows what the magazine will promote next week?


Interesting to recall though that while the three male leaders were all happy to be seen holding a copy of The Scum, Off-Shore Cameron refuses to wear the T-Shirt. Didn’t the magazine offer him enough free lunches?

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