So Was Sadiq Khan Caught Driving While On His ‘Mubble’?

Sadiq Khan has been accused of using his ‘mubble’-phone while out driving. By now everyone knows this is an extremely dangerous and incredibly selfish thing to do. Obviously, it does NOT apply to anyone who drives a white van with a sticker on the side but the rest of us know and understand why the Law is there. We also know that the pitiful level of the fine is no deterrent whatsoever – come out for a drive with us from the office if you don’t believe us.

The idea that an MP would be guilty is really pretty damn shocking. We know when it comes to claiming on expenses they think nothing of it, employing their own family members, which should be considered a right, and ‘flipping’ their second homes is ‘taken as read’ but even they should recognise the seriousness of this one.

So what was the response of Sadiq Khan when confronted? Did he tell us all what had happened? Did he ####!! All he could come out with was a clearly prepared noncommittal load of old claptrap. LINK

Now you see, it all comes down to trust in an MP. To be blunt, anyone who comes out with such a load of old cak, in the real world, is as guilty as hell!


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