Tiny Steps, Tiny Steps, Creep, Creep – Iraq

Creepy Michael Forlorn-Hope has been out and about slithering between media outlets. We know this because of the slimy trail he left behind him which made it easy to follow his itinerary. {correct, we can’t stand the greasy git} He was out roaming to ‘explain’ why we are committing more officers to Iraq which isn’t a problem because they are only on a ‘training’ mission. {anyone old enough to remember the Vietnam war?}

Everything is alright because Forlorn-Hope has promised {stop laughing at the back!}, he has promised that our troops will only be sent to Iraq as part of a ‘training mission’.

“Lads, don’t bother unpacking all that gear from Afghanistan, load it back on the plane and head out to Iraq!”

Forlorn-Hope tries to make it sound like they will simply sit down in a little classroom somewhere and our boys will just pass on a few ‘Top Tips’. What utter cak! One of the chief jobs they will have is to explain how to DEFUSE A ROADSIDE BOMB! You know Forlorn-Hope, one of those things that can kill you! Although, obviously, not if you are tucked up in bed in Sevenoaks!

The most telling creepy point is that Creepy-Hope would not tell us how many troops will be involved – “security implications” and all that old tosh.

“This is a very limited mission. The prime minister’s made it very, very clear we are not going to recommit combat troops to Iraq.”

Tiny steps, tiny steps and then you look behind and you’ve walked a mile – Mission Creep.


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