Jimmy Sa-Vile Abuse Now Extended To 41 NHS Organisations

The level of abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Sa-Vile has now extended to 41 organisations within the umbrella of the NHS. This is on top of what he was up to while at the BBC and it is inconceivable that it would have ended there.

Here at TheField we really struggle with this. Amongst the staff here most of us have worked for larger organisations or institutions in the past. Let’s be honest, here in the office you can’t even fart and get away with it but, for those who have never worked in a large company, they might think you could be anonymous in a large place. It’s worse.

The latest term for it is the hideous American Frase (sic) “Water-Cooler” talk. We didn’t have a “Water-Cooler” back then but the chat was the same.

Did you know – “those two were out together last week”, “those two work late a lot”, “did you see those two come in together this morning”, “those three ALWAYS go home together”? You get the idea.

Sorry – the idea that this curious little, grubby man could carry on at so many levels, in so many places and NOBODY KNEW is just stretching credibility way, way too far! We just don’t buy it. People knew and turned a blind eye. Not everyone would have known but enough would have to say something about it.

It is not too late to admit what they knew, for the victims at the very least, if not to also ease their own conscious.

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