So How Has Gideon The Gidiot Got Us Such A Good ‘Deal’?

Well of course he hasn’t. It’s all cak and tosh so let us explain why and how.

If you shop at Sainsbury when you’ve paid for your shop you get a load of Vouchers. You get points for this, points for that and then one that is a comparison with Asda in the form of a Voucher. This might tell you that you’ve saved 50p anyway or it might say you’ve spent more than you would at Asda and here’s the £1.80 for next time.

You go the next time, they tell you what the bill is and then they take off the £1.80. What’s left is what you pay.

Who has heard the Tories bang on, again and again, about the Rebate that the Marvellous Margaret negotiated with the EU. Yes, the Rebate that, without the Marvellous Margaret, we would have to pay. Now this Rebate that the Tories never stop telling us about is really that Sainsbury Voucher.

All The Gidiot is doing is cashing in the Voucher/Rebate BEFORE the Grand Total comes up on the till. In the Supermarket YOU don’t get to cash the Voucher until the Grand Total appears, The Gidiot has just changed that rule – THAT IS ALL!

YES, it’s all bollox….as usual from Gideon The Gidiot.


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