“Double Burger And Chips Please”

It seems the heart-attack comes free! Feeling peckish tonight? How do you fancy tucking into the latest offering from the pub-restaurant chain Hungry Horse’s Double Doughnut Burger? To be fair to Hungry Horse they do call it a ‘Donut’. So what do you get for your money?

You start with two beef burgers. What? Not Horse? {move on} On top of the burgers comes melted cheese. To these add four bacon rashers and a dollop of barbeque sauce. To complete this it is served between two grilled and glazed ring doughnuts. Yum, yum! The real plus is that it only costs £8.99!

All of this will clock up a grand total of 1966 calories. Can’t see many of the current England team eating many and then winning the World Cup! {obscure reference to 1966! move on} If you happen to be a woman then you will have consumed 98% of your daily recommended intake!

Of course the 1966 calories is not the whole story. Heaven knows what nutritional value any of those calories might have, very little we would suspect.


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