To All Our MPs: If You Have Nothing To Hide, You Have Nothing To Worry About

Now this comes as a shock! If one of those dodgy gits in The Commons is under investigation for allegations of abuse of their expenses they want to keep their names secret. Truth be told, they’d sooner keep the whole damn thing secret!

The ‘Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’ {‘Independent’ our arse} have proposed that when an MP is caught with their hands in the till nobody, least of all the constituents of the MP, should be allowed to know about it. Not only do they want to cover-up for the MPs they also want to ban the public from attending the hearings. The State Takes Over!

So let’s have it right. The two faced gits want a 10% pay-rise, to continue to fiddle their expenses, to continue to ‘employ’ their family under this mythical ‘Staff-Payroll’ at grossly over-inflated salaries that we have to pay and they don’t think we should know anything about it and, if they are caught with their trousers down, we should not be told anything either not-guilty or guilty. LINK

Sounds to us here that they DO have something to hide. They will start to ask questions about the idea of having those pesky cameras in the House next. Dodgy gits.


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