Cameron Goes Off-Piste While On His Trip Down Under

Looks like ‘Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer’ Cameron forgot the prepared script and starting shooting from the hip. Without seeming to consult with anything like his legal team he decided that individuals should be banned from returning to the UK for at least two years. He also wants to strip Britons of their passports for up to 30 days if he thinks {there’s an oxymoron} they are preparing to join foreign groups.

Rather than announce these ‘back of a fag packet’ ideas in the House of Commons, which he where they should be announced, Can’t & Won’t Cameron decided to do so on his “Jolly” Down Under.

Such twaddle was immediately jumped on by legal eagles and even his own former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, claimed the idea was a “non-starter” that would almost certainly breach international law.

It is really quite scary what an acting Prime Minister will say when away from home and with a By-Erection looming that he looks like losing!

Seems like too many BBQs and too much Amber Nectar by the sound of it. Sam needs to have a word before Lynton catches up with him.


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