As IF We Would Take The Mick Out Of Cameron!

As a politician, even a part-time politician, you have to be so, so careful what you say. Emily Thornberry proved that! So when “Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron” was stupid enough to claim he would, “Throw the kitchen sink at Rochester & Strood” we all knew it was bound to end in tears.

Well, what a surprise! It all ended in tears! The worst of it for “Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron” was that HE went there, as the Star-Attraction, no less than FIVE times and it didn’t seem to make diddly-squat of a difference.

For an out and out Eton boy who also went to Oxford, to find he made no difference, that has to be such a huge kick straight in the bollox!

Just to round the whole farce up we have produced the REAL result for Rochester & Strood. Our third-rate politicians just love to bum-themselves up so claim percentages that are total tosh. We always look at the percentage of THOSE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE. In other words – EVERYONE!

It all looks very, very different then!

(You! DAVE! Are you going to come and collect this bloody kitchen sink and take it home??)


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