Lower Bockhampton At Risk Of Being ‘Ruined Forever’

There are fears that Thomas Hardy would “turn in his grave” if he knew of the house building plans near his old home. The local agricultural college has applied to the District Council to build 70 houses on land at Lower Bockhampton, Stinsford, Dorset.

Thomas Hardy was born near Lower Bockhampton in 1840 and wrote his famous ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ while there. Kate Ashbrook, who represents the Open Spaces Society, said that Hardy would “turn in his grave at the prospect of this massive development in his native hamlet”.

She went on to say: “The peace and quiet of this lovely area would be ruined. Walkers, riders and cyclists would all suffer.”

The plans are looking to build within a conservation area and on land that is registered parkland.

The Public have until 29/11/2014 to pass on comments to West Dorset District Council. LINK

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