Cameron In A Pitiful Attempt To Out UKip, UKip.

Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron has been forced to eat a huge slice of humble pie. Not that he is prepared to admit it – we doubt very much he’d actually admit to ever having taken a piss; he’s that sort of a bloke.

He claimed a famous, “No ifs. No buts” which, naturally, turned out to be a load of old bollox. Having got it all so catastrophically wrong Can’t, Won’t Cameron went in search of the back of a fag packet. He’s cobbled together a new plan on immigration which has far more to do with his concern about losing votes to Nigel Fromage than it does about the benefits to our country.

It would make things a lot easier if he just re-named his party officially The Nasty Party and got hold of Hugo Boss to design a new uniform for them. What’s next, controlling the birth-rate?


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