Looks Like UKip Will Be Throwing The Kitchen Sink At Sutton Coldfield

Wally ‘You Plebs’ Mitchell seems to have decided that the easiest way to make the money he owes is to continue to be an MP. Who’d have thunk it! Seems a number of hangers-on in Sutton Coldfield have managed to ‘persuade’ him that he still has a lot to claim offer.

Wally Mitch clearly thinks that the whole, “you *king plebs” and the entire ‘Plebgate’ fiasco will all be forgotten in 6 months time. He’s got a hope!

Nigel Fromage and his U-Kippers must be eyeing this seat up as a racing certainty! The obvious ‘Tory MP Totally Out Of Touch’ and ‘He Thinks You Are All Plebs’ posters are being drawn up as we type. Throw into the mix The Scum factor, who will just love ripping Wally Mitch to bits, and he might do well if he so much as retains his deposit! This will be one to watch.


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