Announce It, Announce It Again And Then Announce It One More Time

So after four and a half years suddenly there appears £15bn for ‘new’ roads. What a lot of old cobblers! They have no idea where the money is coming from and can make no promises that any of them will materialise this time around. What we do all know though is that there is a General Erection in six months time.

Many of these schemes have been ‘rolled-out’ before and have the appearance of stained old yellowing documents brought back out from the store cupboard they have been kept in for years. They are being sold again ‘As New’ because Gideon has nothing to offer other than another trip in his ‘Star-Ship’, man!

Let’s not forget that there is a good chance the first £5bn will be to pay-off Tory ‘Friends’ claiming to do the work and it is worth recognising that a large number of these ‘projects’ just ‘happen’ to be in Tory marginal’s! {happen to be, our arse!} 

Fear not, in the coming months there will be loads of tosh like this coming out from every corner of the House of Commons and this does mean we can award, on a regular basis, the ‘Doing A Mordaunt’ Award for talking the biggest load of cock of the day. For those unaware of the origins of the Mordaunt Award then check-out the LINK to one of the most juvenile episodes seen in the House for many a year.

The first to receive this award, for attempting to claim the equivalent of ‘Day is Night’, is the Deadman-Walking………Nick Clogg! Yes, Knocker, we really believe you and, obviously, this announcement has nothing to do with the erection!


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