Gideon The Gidiot Will Give Us ALL A ‘Laff’ On Wednesday!

The Starship-Trooper, Gideon the Gidiot, has probably been sent to bed early tonight – we don’t want a repeat of last Wednesday’s performance now do we?

He’s going to struggle to his feet and try and make out that due to the ‘success’ of his “long term economic plan” he can now spend some of OUR money. Remember; he’s not doing us a favour, it’s OUR money. You also have to ask just how “long term” this shambles is going to keep being extended by?

The vast majority of what he says will be cak. It’ll be pure cak at that. There will be next to nothing that is new. What ‘appears’ to be new will turn out to be old money that he has re-named. This is one hell of a trick – you call it something else and then claim it’s new. After all, who remembers Windscale anymore? LINK

There will be a couple of ‘pie-in-the-sky’ promises for long after the next erection along with some mention of the Vanity ProjectsHS2 and Frack!

If anything actually turns out to be new you MUST ask yourself where it has been stolen from because it means that someone, somewhere is going to lose out. You also need to check where in the country the money is going. Not that we would suggest for one moment that it will be targeted at marginal Tory seats or ones they perceive are under threat from UKip. Oh no!

Myleene has been trying to help him out the last couple of weeks but it seems he just can’t grasp you can only spend a £1 once. She has tried.


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