Schools Will Soon Need Immigrants From Outside The EU To Function

The Gove plan to ruin the education of the vast majority of child in this country moves another step forward. So unattractive has Gove made this vital role in the growth of our nation that it has been announced that there is a 7% shortfall in teacher trainee recruitment for next September for the third year in a row.

With a view to plugging this gap the Supply Teacher agencies are already looking towards Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Irish Republic.

As usual a faceless gnome from the Dept of Education made out they were ‘confident they would meet the demand’ without suggesting for one moment how that might be achieved. All they could offer were £25k bursaries for top trainees. Well, if they only have two recruits to choose from, that will not take long to decide!

The Association of School and College Leaders deputy general secretary, Malcolm Trobe, said head teachers described the recruitment situation as “ghastly”, “really difficult” and “a disaster area”. We would add to that the Dept of Ed complacent attitude does not help.

Malcolm Trobe said, “From Durham in the north-east, Taunton in the west, and in the south and east, the message is consistent around the country. People found last year the most difficult year to recruit teachers.

“It’s not just in the traditionally difficult subject areas, such as maths and physics.”

What makes this even more staggering is that over at Education, Nicky Morgan, the ‘Family Friendly Face’ for Gollum Gove, has published the latest figures that show for secondary schools only 91% of the target were recruited meaning there is a shortfall of 2,278 teachers for the target next September. More smoke and mirrors to come. LINK

The Family Friendly Face For Education


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