Cameron: Once Is An Accident, Twice Is Coincidence…….

Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron must have been hoping for a quiet start to the week. He didn’t reckon on the number of utter dim-witted, out of touch clowns he has linked to his party. Surprising really as you would have thought he would have realised by now.

The first Joker out of the box was Nigel Mills. This conceited git showed just how much contempt he has for those seeking work and claiming a pension. During a Committee Session of the Works and Pensions he was sitting, for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, sodding about on his tablet playing Candy Crush Saga.

Not a couple of minutes, no, TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Now the Commons have done their usual ‘everything we do is wonderful’ and are more concerned that a picture was taken rather than what a bone idle MP was up to. Gosh, who’d have thunk (sic) that!


Can’t, Won’t Cameron is still reeling from that Accident when Coincidence strikes with a Baroness no less, Anne Jenkin, trying to claim that people use food banks because they “don’t know how to cook”. The blinding logic here is quite frightening – what are they doing with the food from the food bank? Clearly, another Tory with no idea where either her arse or her elbow happen to be at any point in time.


Can’t, Won’t must be sitting staring at Twitter tonight doing two things. Ignoring all the #CameronMustGo tweets and waiting to see who will be number three in cock-ups for the day!

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