Nicky Morgan Hesitant Over The Concept Of A Cube Root

If you are making out you really are the Secretary of State for Education then the one thing you need to avoid at all costs are school-aged children. Not only do they need to be avoided but also they should never, ever be engaged in any conversation and run like the wind if they want to ask Secondary School test questions!

Well poor old ‘The Mumsie Face of Gollum Gove’ Nicky Morgan failed on every one of these! She allowed herself to get into the situation where a 10-year-old, a TEN-YEAR-OLD, asked her the cube root of 125.

You could see the blood drain from her face. Every Maths lesson she has ever had flashed before her eyes and the Grade G was staring her in the face. So instead of saying something like, “well four fours are sixteen and four sixteen’s are 64, so five fives are twenty-five and five twenty-fives are one hundred and twenty-five.”

She said, “I think that’s one that I might just have to go away and work out.”

GO AWAY AND WORK OUT! We can’t help but think she doesn’t have a clue what on earth a cube is, never mind a cube-root!!

Right up there with dimwit Gideon the Gidiot who tripped up over seven eights! The Chancer of the Exchequer couldn’t remember what seven times eight is! He really does have SFB!

To make it even worse, Morgan was asked about the number of libraries that are continuing to close. Her first instinct was to do a ‘Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron’ and come out with a load of old cak.

The lad was not to be put off and hit her with, “I don’t think you’ve actually answered the question. Are the government going to take steps or are they not?” That’s got to hurt from a 10-year-old!

EVEN then all she could do was to waffle on about: “We are reminding local councils that it is their duty to provide libraries which are, obviously, where people can borrow books for free which is the critical thing and, as education secretary, I want there to be libraries in schools.”

She WANTS – she doesn’t DEMAND. A 10-year-old showing just how full of cak our ministers really are.


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