What An Utter Shambles The ECB Prove Themselves To Be – Yet Again

Here at TheField we do genuinely feel sorry for Alastair Cook. For one, he shouldn’t have needed to be sacked because he should have had enough sense and humility to step down of his own accord. He should have done this on realising that he doesn’t know which end of a bat to hold just at the moment.

He also shouldn’t have needed to because the ECB should have never, ever have put him in the position in the ODI team in the first place.

Captain Cook is ideally suited to the 5-Day Test Match arena. No real doubters on that score; even KP might agree with that! What he is NOT is a 20Twenty ‘Bish-Bash-Bosh’ player or a 50-over One Day International player. Having made the mistake of picking him for the ODI’s the ECB then compounded their obvious error by making him Captain and thereby forcing them to play him every game. Just how clueless are the ECB?

To make his demise even worse, the poor bloke has had the death-rattle of the support from the Chairman in the form of Paul Downton. As soon as he chirped up we all knew it was only a matter of time. If anyone needs sacking it’s Downton.

So now, as we prepare for the ODI World Cup, we have the England team lead by Dublin born and bred Eoin Morgan. We hope that Cook can get his arse together and be ready to take the Test Match arena as soon as they start again.


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