Just How Utterly Clueless IS Esther McViz?

Totally bloody clueless! We doubt she knows her arse from her elbow. Look at this latest load of cak she’s coming out with –


“Help using computers” for the over-50s. Cheeky cow! Yeah, I really, really need help; the daft old bat! She’s the bloody half-wit who needs help with computers – then the dreadful department she ‘works’ in might not waste millions of pounds of tax-payers money on failed IT projects!

We all know from experience that the vast majority of MPs’, we reckon 641 out of the 650, know bugger all other than how to fill-in a claim form for expenses and the Staffing Payroll. When these half-wits start making out they know what we need to learn ………..aaagggggghhhhhh! LINK

Rant over, calm down. Somewhere in the loft is a Research Machines link 480z and I think I might just shove each component where McViz will never find them again!

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