Party Leaders Offer Their Christmas Thoughts – Or Is It Just The First Shot At The GE?

We all know how toe-curling these are. They do not come from the heart but are poured over by writers so as they ‘hit’ just the right tone. There is nothing spontaneous about them and we’d bet they were written weeks ago. So what have they said?

Almost goes without saying that “Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron” is the most toe-curling. Look at this old tosh –

This Christmas I think we can be very proud as a country at how we honour these values through helping those in need at home and around the world.”

Hard to believe he would have the nerve to come out with that but he knows no shame.

Nick Clogg couldn’t think of anything other than a recent advert from a supermarket. Looking for a job there next Christmas maybe?

This Christmas and beyond, we can each do our bit to help secure the fairer, more peaceful world that the soldiers in 1914 longed for and our children deserve.”

Even poor old Eddie Milibland couldn’t think far past his local supermarket. Maybe he was thinking of all the nectar he might be able claim if times get harder. He also couldn’t resist reminding us of the essentially sporty image we have of him as he came out with –

One hundred years ago soldiers on the Western Front stopped their hostilities to cross no man’s land, to shake hands and – famously – to play football.”

Well we have our doubts about all of that tale, as we went through HERE, but it’s interesting to see that two of the leaders wanted to be associated with it.

Unfortunately Nigel Fromage was still in the pub and has yet to offer the country his thoughts at this time of year – maybe around 11:15 tonight?


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