Conservatives To Cap Scrounging MPs’ Pay And Extras

The Tory Party have vowed to cap MP pay-offs, Expenses and the Staffing Payroll rip-off if they win May’s general election.

The party’s election manifesto would pledge to introduce legislation to limit extra payments to MPs to £5,000, Treasury minister Pretty-Useless Patel said. LINK

Taxpayers should not have to fund “huge expense bills when well-paid MPs get paid far too much anyway”, she said.

Labour said the Tories had already “wasted” more than £1bn on MP pay-outs as part of a “reckless reorganisation”.

The Conservative proposal follows a number of controversial pay-offs funded by the taxpayer, including some payments of more than £45,000 to wives of MP’s who claim that they work for them although this is never audited or subjected to scrutiny of any kind. LINK

“It’s not right that hard-working taxpayers, many on low salaries, have to fund huge pay-outs when well-paid MPs get made redundant,” Ms Pretty-Useless Patel said.

This goes to the heart of our long-term economic road to nowhere for Britain.

“It’s about backing hard-working taxpayers and making sure the economy is tilted in their favour; oh, and before I forget, it’s also about saving money so we help bring down our deficit and make our economy more financially secure or so Lynton Crosby told me to say.”

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