The Great Cameron Con Trick

Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron has taken his refusal to face the consequences of his decisions to a whole new level. He hates the idea of a TV debate and has been looking for a way to get out of it in any way he can. He just can’t face being questioned about the truth and then being pinned down until he actually responds.

His great Con-Trick is to make out he is so keen on democracy that every party in the country must be allowed onto the platform of a TV debate hoping that the TV companies will never agree. He can then blame the TV channels for his reason for pulling out. What a right bloody chancer he is!

Dodgy Dave is will be up to more tricks like this in the little time he has left as Acting Prime Minister and he will be working hard with Crosby to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the public. Here at thefield we will be watching him.


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