Scary Thought For All Of Us Who Take The Piss Out Of Authority

The last few days have made us all think. Not change what we do but they have made us think. The idea that ridiculing those in authority could result in such horrific actions is just unbelievable.

It’s not just in Paris though. A Saudi Arabian blogger has been publicly flogged after being convicted of cybercrime and ‘insulting’ Islam. Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail, was flogged 50 times. The flogging will be carried out weekly.

There was a time when if they didn’t like something they simply ignored it. Now they look to ban it and make it illegal. Don’t kid yourself, in low-level ways, it has happened here.

We need to keep awake that our own politicians don’t run fast and loose by imposing restrictions that they claim are necessary but only suit them and their own purposes.

Quite rightly we have been acknowledging the sacrifice that our young men made on the battlefields of Europe and beyond. Let us not simply hand over what it was they made their sacrifice for.

Poppy Garden

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