Sinclair C5 Reaches 30 Years Old

For those of a certain age then Sir Clive Sinclair is something of a teenage hero. There are four amazing successes we remember him for. They were The ZX80, The ZX81 and The ZX Spectrum. For many of us these were our first real ‘hands-on’ our own computer rather than accessing someone else’s, be it college, company or university. These were all a great moment in time.

Then 30 years ago Sir Clive came up with The Sinclair C5. Imagine sitting in a supermarket shopping trolley. Surround yourself with an illusion of protection and then take to the road without the need of either insurance or tax along with no legal requirement to wear a helmet.

A staff member can still remember watching a ‘rider’ trying to get their C5 across the junction at Maumbury Rings while trying to make it to Weymouth. It’s a hairy junction at the best of times but the sight of this extremely unstable craft slowly making its way up the slight rise still haunts one of our staff today! LINK

While the computers marked a major step forward it is sad to note that the C5 marked the beginnings of the decline of the Sinclair Company.

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