Fox News Facts! Fair And Balanced! My Arse!

Well apart from the utter bollox they and their guests come out with of course. A genuine Nut-Job, Steve Emerson, told viewers to the Murdouche channel, “There are ‘actual’ cities like Birmingham that are TOTALLY Muslim where Non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” {does he even know where it is? {Heaven only knows what he would make of the phrase ‘The Black Country”?}}

Apparently in That-There “London there are ‘actually’ Muslim religious police that ‘actually’ beat and ‘actually’ wound, seriously, anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim religious Muslim attire.” LINK

A couple of us from thefield office ventured up to the Wild West of London just before Christmas but, oddly enough, we didn’t spot a single member of this Elite Police Squad.

To be fair, Emerson did later apologise for his “terrible error”. That’s not an error, that is one huge pile of cak and a Real News Broadcaster would never have put it out in the first place.

The only thing that seems to be a fact about PoxNews is that 99% of their newsreaders don’t seem to ‘actually’ have a pair of eyes. They have two, but they are not a pair. {cheap gag but a true fact!}

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