The Days Of Carlsberg Special Brew Appear To Be Numbered

Outdoor drinking specialists will be horrified to read that there are plans afoot to water down the brew made to honour Sir Winston Churchill. Carlsberg Special Brew is under threat!

The 9% ‘Spesh’ has 4.5 units of alcohol per can and may be diluted at some point during 2015. The reasoning is that some Nanny MPs believe that no drink should contain more than 4 units which is the maximum recommended daily intake for a man.

We do wonder how this will affect the bottles of booze favoured by the likes of Posh-Boys Cameron and Osborne but, as usual, Can’t Answer – Won’t Answer doesn’t seem to have a response. Heaven forbid it should make a difference to their drinking!

The alternative to reducing the strength of Special Brew is to reduce the size of the can – here’s a thought! TOP TIP: Reduce the tin size to just 250 ml and sell them in packs of eight. Genius!

Bet we don’t see smaller wine bottles as standard – pure elitism going on.

So lads and lasses, the plan is simple. Get your mates together, get a carrier-bag full of Special, find a bench in a town centre and get drinking while you still can!!


Thefield would always encourage readers to drink responsibly: LINK to drinkaware.

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