Cameron Stands For Freedom Of Speech Just As Long As He Can Have Access To All Your Data

It would help if Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron knew what it was he was talking about when it comes to IT. We’ve said it before and it is still true – the bloke doesn’t know his RAM from ROM.

The majority of the drivel he comes out with sounds like he’s been on a dodgy website and then learnt a few jargon words. He has no idea what they mean but uses them following the principle of “bullshit baffles brains”. If he sounds like he knows what he is on about then he hopes it confuses the plebs enough that he can get away with it.

He is currently finding a lot a ‘friendly’ experts who are appearing on TV and telling us we have nothing to worry about. When a smarmy git tells you that “you have nothing to worry about” you can be damn sure you have everything to worry about.

Always remember that when one of these ‘experts’ {check how they are being funded} explains how vital it is to introduce these new laws ask what might they be used for in the future: Mission Creep.

Pretty sickening to see how quickly Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer could be pictured in that Private Road in Paris and then to go and have a Love-In with Obama. From Freedom and Liberty to Total Surveillance in less than a week.

If any media outlet is up to it they could give Cameron the old basic test and ask him the difference between an I.S.P, a search engine and a web browser and then name some.

A Week Is Such A Long Time In Politics

A Week Is Such A Long Time In Politics

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