British Gas Seem To Be Taking The Whizz

A big fanfare for the start of the week – “British Gas To Cut Gas Prices By 5%”

The cut could reduce the typical household’s ANNUAL energy bill by, wait for it, a whole £37.

There are three parts to understanding why this is a total whizz take.

  • The price they are paying has dropped by 25%. A quarter in old money. Now a smug git called Christine McGourty came out to explain the pricing policy. It has to be said she is easily as smug as the dreadful Angela Knight, the ex-Tory MP apologist for the energy companies. In that condescending tone they imagine sounds caring we were told not all the bill is the whole-sale cost of the bill and that really it is only half of it. Fine, so that’s 12.5% which means you are creaming 7.5% to stuff in your pockets.
  • Winter seems to have hit us right at this moment so our boilers, those who have them, will be working overtime. The kind people at British Gas have managed to reduce the price at the END of the winter! This cut, such as it is, comes in 27th February! What many of us call spring. Talk about take the whizz!
  • Thirty seven pounds is not to be sneered at but when it looks like it ought to be £74 you start to wonder and then it taking a whole year to get that money back?? The editor at thefield is with OVO Energy and his bill just went down £8 – A MONTH!

We just loved the way Won’t-Answer-Cameron tried to claim credit for this. The bloke is so far up his butt he doesn’t seem to realise he has no control over the price of a barrel of oil. Still, if you imagine the sun shines out of your arse then we guess you can imagine anything is possible.

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