‘Bone Idle Politicians’ Claim By Former Commons Speaker

Betty Boothroyd always spoke her mind and none truer than now as she points out how the total lack of action is “an insult to the Parliamentary system”. She points out what so many of us have witnessed that Parliament is being “diminished in the eyes of the electorate”.

Our hard working MPs completed everything at the Commons on Monday in just 3 hours. Naturally, they then all went off and worked a 27 hour day in their constituency after that!!

This has been made worse this time around as we see the folly of a fixed-term Parliament. As was predicted, you simple end up with a dead-head, lame men-walking situation with a full 12 months to go. They are all know it’s no point doing anything and they simply sit around filling in their expense forms and employing even more friends and relations on their Staffing Payroll for all of us to pay for.

As an example of how bone idle this bunch are research shows that MPs sat for just 44% of weekdays over the past year, and only 11 new bills have been introduced in this Parliamentary session – the second lowest in recent history.

Pretty obvious nothing will change though as, quite simply, the ones who are benefiting from all this free time are the very people we need to end it. Not a chance!

Looks like they have all gone home early……again

empty house

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