Sam Allardyce, West Ham Manager, Is A Right Big Head

It is now official: Sam has a Big Head. Following some fine investigative reporting by Soccer AM the true size of this Pumpkin Head has now been revealed. LINK

Many of us were certain that the late, great Frank Sidebottom must have had the Biggest Head in Football but now we know otherwise.

To wear a headband our Sam needs a full 23 inches {58.4 cms} and to wear the old-style Toothache wrap over the head and under the chin needs an incredible 26 inches {66 cms}!

By comparison Frank Sidebottom was still an impressive 24 inches {61 cms} by 21 inches {53.4 cms} but is out done by ‘On Me Head Son’ Sam Allardyce.

Is there anybody in football who is out there who can challenge Super-Sized-Sam?


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