The Pantomime Of PMQs And Two Things That Sprang To Mind

Great to see we had a new camera angle today, if not, then at least they lingered on it for longer than usual. It reminded us here of the start of PE lessons. Two captains were appointed and then the teams were picked.

You are now one of those captains and you are invited to make your first pick. Now then, be honest, who the bloody hell would you select from this bunch of misfits? They all look the sort to forget their kit for the lesson and would almost certainly be left in the line until the very end.

If you turned the camera around it wouldn’t look any better!


Now we come to Gideon the Gidiot. What the hell was he doing today? Sitting on some sort of stool in front of the actual front bench? Did they have to pin him down there because they couldn’t trust him? Afraid he would go and wander off?


There are 99 days of this bollox still to go – it’ll take some coping with because it is only going to get worse and worse.

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