Boorish Johnson Condemns The Use Of The Interweb

Boorish has claimed that all extremists are “losers” and use Porn at least 18 hours a day. How he knows these things is anybody’s guess.

Of course in the Bizarre-World-of-Boorish just about EVERYBODY is an extremist if they didn’t go to Eton and don’t now talk bollox the whole time.

He also revealed that he has had access to an MI5 report, let us hope that in later years it is not one that mysteriously seems to have ‘disappeared’.

Boorish stated, with great authority, that, “they typically will look at porn. They are not making it with girls.”

He does have a cure for all of this activity and it is a simple one, “The answer is to get them into work.”

Bless, for someone like Boorish the world is a very simple place. LINK

Boorish Explains The Signs To Look For To Identify An Extremist

boris-johnson wanking

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