The BBC Don’t Appear To Have Spotted A Protest March In The Centre Of London

At the time of writing this was still unreported on the BBC website. There has been a protest march at Shoreditch in east London as well as in the south at the Elephant and Castle over the soaring cost of housing in the UK. It is to highlight the total indifference of so many politicians to the rise in rent and the cost of homes that for many are simply unaffordable.

We guess when so many MPs have a second, as well as some with third, fourth and more, then the worries of the voters isn’t something that concerns them. Can’t see any of them lowering their rents to help anyone out, that’s for sure!

The fact the BBC appear to have ignored this comes as no surprise – it’s not like housing will be an issue for May 7th!!! Incredible. LINK

Housing protest - London


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