Could Brian May Be Our Local MP?

He could be the Champion of ‘Mid Dorset and North Poole’ if he decides to stand for election. Dr May said, “Don’t stop me now but I have to admit to feeling under pressure.

“I want to break free from the shackles of the major parties and my wildlife sanctuary here has become the love of my life. Anyone who does vote for me will be my best friend and it would be a kind of magic if I were to succeed.

“The other party leaders don’t fool me and I, at least, do have one vision that is very clear. The current austerity has made times difficult and it’s a hard life for many today. What I say to people is hang on in there because the hero might just be on his way!

I go crazy listening to all the false promises others make and in only seven days I will have made my decision. In that time I will be looking around and asking myself, ‘Is this the world we created?’.

“It could all come to nothing and I could be the loser in the end but until then I’ll be the man on the prowl for a seat in the Commons. At least if not this time then some day, one day as I do have the staying power. All I ask is that you do go and vote and do not tear it up.”

It’s enough to make us all go Ga-Ga!

Britain Badger Battle

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