So What Did Go On Over At HSBC?

Looks like the Swiss banking arm offered more than a few savings tips. Looks like they also had a special ‘Platinum Account’ for those with enough money. This special account seems to have included advice on avoiding tax and where to hide any spare cash well away from the Tax man.

Poor old Offshore-Cameron appointed Stephen Green, who he also made a Lord, as a trade minister back in 2010. The problem is he is the bloke who ran HSBC during the time frame everybody is interested in. Now that’s a bit of a bugger!

Also seems HM Revenue and Customs knew a little bit about this. Seems that not only did they know about it they knew it back in 2010. Now that is another bit of a bugger! The French had the information as far back as 2007.

Of course there is a lot of dancing on the head of a pin about Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion but, at the end of the day, the result is exactly the same. People with a hell of a lot of money end up not contributing their full amount to running our hospitals, schools and other public services.

Look out for a lot of finger pointing and lots of “but what did they do about it?” Couldn’t be they are as involved as the rest of them, could it? After all, who formulates the Laws that accountants find the loopholes in? Surely not! More to follow……

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