Cricket World Cup 2015

It’s nearly time for the kick off. Well, sort of! The World Cup is taking place in Australia and New Zealand and that does present us here with a bit of a problem. Being the other side of the world makes the time difference a real pain as we can talk about the same match ‘happening’ on two different days.

The two host teams are certainly involved in the first two games. New Zealand take on Sri Lanka and England have to avoid a good hiding from Australia not long after. With the skipper managing three ducks in his last four innings many are wondering what Alastair ‘Choir Boy’ Cook is doing {not really!}.

The big decision will be if it is watched Live or if a news black-out is enforced {Likely Lads style} and it is watched later? Tricky choice but as the event roles on we suspect it will be the later.

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