SIX Police Stations In Dorset To Have Their Front Desks Closed In Two Weeks

Taking effect from the 1st March Dorset sees SIX front desks closing in order to save money. This is being spun as a ‘victory’ by the PCC as the original ‘plan’ was to close 12 out of the 15 station front desks. To say we are a tad suspicious here at TheField is an understatement!

The ‘Lucky’ six to lose their front desks are in Ferndown, Winton, Christchurch, Shaftesbury, Wareham and Dorchester. Yes, that’s Dorchester the County Town. The spin also being spun is that these locations are so safe that the current desks are “under-used”.

They might well be under-used now but maybe that’s because over the years they have cut and cut more and more officers until we have reached the point that the public wonder if it’s worth the trouble of ringing them?

It’s the old Railway Station Trick: cut services so much until nobody knows if a train will ever stop there and then close it because ‘nobody’ is using it. It’s a Classic Trick.

The Dorset Police Federation is trying it’s best to highlight the situation but it is probably best summed up by a quote from them. The possibility exists where we have “a future where the public will rarely see a police officer”.


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