England v New Zealand – The Night IT Hits The Fan

Fair to say that the Cricket World Cup has not gone well for England so far. Also fair to say they were not able “to avoid a good hiding from Australia” last time out. LINK Probably doesn’t help that the captain is now referred to as “E 0-0 in M 0-0 gan”.

To say they looked naïve in their opening match is such an understatement. Some of the bowling looked like it was their first match ….. ever. Some of the batting wasn’t much better. Now they must play New Zealand who many people have as their tip for the winners. We reckon the chances are it will be New Zealand and Australia in the final … whenever that is! {doesn’t it go on!}

At least we have a proper game to watch tonight – it’s all very well encouraging some of the teams but this is The World Cup. Nice to think it was the elite rather than just anyone who happens to play the game.


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