It Boils Down To ‘Trust’ – Would You Trust Either Rifkind Or Straw?

Regular readers will already know we don’t trust either of them and, as the day has unfolded, with sound justification. It’s all back to the ‘Cash for Questions’ argument and MPs think it is legitimate while vast numbers of plebs, like us here at TheField, don’t.

The over-riding element to remember is that these chancers all claim that they are hardworking politicians and that being an MP is a full-time job that they ought to be paid far more for. It’s about the money – it’s rarely anything else when it comes to politicians.

It is also worth noting the value they put on themselves. Straw explained that, “it’s £5,000 a day” while Rifkind, as a Typical Tory, reckoned he was worth a day, “in the region of £5,000 to £8,000”. You start to see why they think a ‘mere’ £67,000 FOR A WHOLE YEAR is nothing like enough!

What is also staggering is that they can’t wait to insist that they have “done nothing wrong”. They make it sound like some higher MP came down from the mountain with a set of rules that is then imposed on them. THEY MAKE THE BLOODY RULES!! Is it any wonder they write them so as they can engage in the likes of this little money earner along with others we are still to discover?

Amazing when you consider all the reforms that have taken place to the lives of working people but has anything changed at the House of Dodgy Gits? Has it !!!!!!!!!!!!


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