MPs In Vote To Allow Themselves To Carry On Being Money Grabbing Gits Shocker!

Against all the odds the House of Chancers has voted in favour of their money grabbing antics and against any suggestion that being a Member can possibly be considered anything like to a Full-Time job.

There were 287 greedy gits who all voted to keep the chance to earn even more money than they earn already by ripping off the Taxpayer with a £67k salary, then claiming Expenses for anything they can find a receipt for and then employing half their family under the Staffing Payroll. All of this, it seems, is simply not enough. There are clearly more of them like Rifkind than we imagined who feel they are ENTITLED to earn 100’s of 1,000’s of pounds on the back of their erection to the House.

Just how many of these 3rd rate politicians would get so much as a sniff of these jobs if they were not already an MP? Next to none!

So that gives us two questions to ask the greasy git who knocks on our door looking for our precious vote

* Will you accept the 11% Payrise if it is offered to MPs?
* How many other jobs are you looking to do rather than spend your time as my MP?

We Are ENTITLED To Make This Money!

We Are ENTITLED To Make This Extra Money!

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