Just How Long-Winded And Pointless Is This Cricket World Cup?

Yes, it is still going on and we have still not got anywhere near the knock-out stage! That’s right, it started 3 and half months ago {well it damn wells feels like it!} and despite being called a World CUP it is just a League Competition by any sensible naming.

Now if the League Competition did actually serve any useful purpose then at least the cak teams would get eliminated if they lost matches. Oh no! England have been stuffed by Australia, double-stuffed by New Zealand and now stuffed again by Sri Lanka. All of this and yet they might STILL go through!

Now it would be wrong us here at TheField to overlook the one great victory that the England team have had when they trounced the mighty ………. Scotland. Yes, they managed to beat Scotland who, as everybody knows, have a long tradition of playing cricket.

Gosh! All England have to do now, in about 3 weeks’ time we guess, is beat those other two powerful cricketing nations Bangladesh and Afghanistan to finally reach the knock-out stage. We couldn’t make ‘stuff’ like this up!

No doubt the team will have “learnt a lot” and be “taking all the positives” as they are “moving forward”. They would do better to just save themselves even further embarrassment if they just packed a bag and came home now. They could get a bit of much needed ‘net-time’ in then before the new season starts!


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