So Special Agent Gibbs Has Been Right About Coffee All Along

Gibbs’ Rule #23 – “Never mess with a Marine’s coffee if you want to live.”

Jethro knows the value of a brew that may help people and Ex-Marine’s {you are are NEVER an EX-marine!} to avoid clogged arteries. Those who drank three to five cups a day were less likely to have signs of heart disease when scanned. LINK

There is no conclusive evidence one way or the other but it does appear that coffee may offer some heart protection. The coffee drinkers were less likely to accumulate calcium deposits in their arteries which appear to lead to heart problems.

The problem might come if you drink the ‘mud’ that Jethro drinks so how much is deemed safe? US experts suggest 400 mg a day seems to be enough for an adult. That’s 4 mugs of instant, 3 mugs of filter and 8 tiny espresso mugs. As for that stuff Jethro necks down – half a mug??


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