We Just Got Even Longer In The Tooth

Scientists in Ethiopia have found part of a jawbone they believe to be 2.8 million years old. It is claimed to be from one of the very first humans to ever walk the planet. The major significance of this find is that it appears to move the origin of man back some 400,000 years!

Scientists are working on the find as it seems to mark a change from what had been a tree dweller to an upright walker. This is considered to be THE most important alteration in human evolution.

What has sparked this excitement is the left side of the lower part of a jawbone. It also contains five teeth and it is these that scientist are working on now. It is here they believe the secret of the move from tree to ground could be unlocked. There is a belief that it happened as a result of climate change and this latest find might be able to provide further evidence of that. Something for them to get their teeth into.

400000 jawbone

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