El Presidente Cameron Given A Swift Kick In The Knackers

Our glorious leader has been getting a little ahead of himself. He has started to think that he rules the world and can tell everyone what to do. Clearly this is always going to be a problem for anyone who surrounds themselves with sycophants and butt-kissers who will only say what they are supposed to say.

Acting as some sort of King Canute {we think that is how you spell it these days} he actually imagined he could tell the closest thing we have to a free-press just what they can do. Here at Thefield we were sceptical but they have joined forces and told Cameron to go and grow a pair to then stand up to try and actually answer a question for the first time in over FIVE years.

There is a chance that IF they go ahead {bound to be some legal cak thrown into the mix yet} they will simply leave an empty chair. Bugger that! We want a cardboard cut-out of Cameron standing there with a dumb-arse look on his silly dish face. We have a funny idea that IF they did that then Crosby would suddenly find an excuse that would mean Chicken-Dave was able to attend after all! Cluck-cluck!


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