So What’s Gone Wrong With Rugby Union?

Some of us in the office here were playing rugby union back in 1967. Yes, we are still alive. A couple of us played a decent level such as County along with Area teams and one bloke even had an England U19 Trial. A couple have coached and one has even refereed! {crazy sod}

We’ve had years and years of watching the game if you totalled it all up but today we watched two matches and were bored to tears. That was not the game we played and loved.

Obviously the scrum has been turned by the Law makers into an utter disaster! It is a shambles from start to finish and the Ref is left to play Penalty-Lottery as he makes up stuff to penalise. You can tell he makes it up because the exact same thing will happen but the first time the Blues get the penalty but the second time it’s the Greens. What a nonsense.

If the ball does ever emerge from one of these 16 man melees we then get a little Kick-Tennis. Someone hoofs it down the pitch, someone else catches it and then hoofs it back. Great. It is at this point we also get the little treat of hearing the Ref scream at someone to “Stay” or some other call to keep everyone onside.

If we are lucky then someone catches the ball AND gets tackled. Excitement! Well it would be if we were not presented now with the next great headache; The Flat-Line of Defence. The rugby league style defence that has Fat-Boys and Pretty-Boys strung across the match getting in each other’s way. Oh for a Driving-Maul to suck all the Fat-Boys in! The Law makers seem surprised that this produces some very dull viewing.

Will Carling had it right. The game IS still run by “Old Farts” who don’t seem able to recognise the utter cock-up are they presenting to talented players to try and play.

Real Rugby


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