The Crufts Mystery Deepens

We reported on the death of poor Jagger some time ago and now the mystery has taken a new turn. LINK

Seems the dog was poisoned as was feared but with very fast acting poisons. The autopsy revealed that both carbofuran and aldicarb had been used which only need between 30 min and 3 hours to do their worst. Jagger had left Crufts some 28 to 36 hours earlier making it inconceivable he had been poisoned while at Crufts.

To add further evidence to this the piece of poisoned beef was still mostly undigested at the time of the autopsy and this would normally be absorbed by such a large dog within 6 hours.

A spokesman said it was “highly likely that the poisons, thought to be on a piece of beef, were eaten in Belgium, shortly before Jagger’s death”.

What is still unresolved is why on earth anybody would want to do such a thing?

jagger poisoned

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