Duckenfield Admits Causing 96 Deaths At Hillsborough

Hard to know what to type here really. David Duckenfield was the police match commander at Hillsborough when 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives. It has taken him, now a 70 year old, 26 years to admit what he did.

The jury was told the former chief superintendent had at least three minutes to “consider the consequences” of opening an exit gate at the stadium, as a crowd of fans built up outside.

Mr Greaney QC suggested a child of “average intelligence” could have realised what would happen when the gate, which allowed up to 2,000 fans to enter, was opened. Duckenfield gave the order to open it.

We are left numb to be honest. All that Thatcher Public Relations exercise, that blaming of the fans themselves, that vile git Mackenzie {the utter, utter shitbag}, the lies in the Scum and all the time Duckenfield knew what he had done and said nothing.

We simply don’t believe that not a single MP had been made aware of the facts. The world was different then and the absurd suggestion that nobody in the Thatcher cabinet had any idea is just ridiculous. They are dead now though – seems to be the way things are run here.


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