Guptill Amazing In One Of The Most Incredible One Day Internationals Ever

Martin Guptill started the day by walking out to the wicket and then hitting the first ball of the innings for four. A promising start but we had no idea what would happen over the 50 overs of the innings. Well the first thing to point-out is that he was still batting at the end, he even hit the last ball. He had been out there for all 300 legal balls and a few extras.

In that time he had faced 163 balls54.3% of all legitimate balls. He had scored 237 out of a total 393 60.3% of all the runs.

The last 52 balls he faced he managed to score 137 runs – that’s 2.63 runs every one of those balls.

His 237 was made up of 11 hits for 6 – that’s 27.8% of his total in 6’s. He had also hit 24 fours – that’s 40.5% of his total.

Over his complete, unbeaten, innings he was scoring 1.45 runs each and every ball. The team total of 393 was scored at a rate of 1.31 runs a ball.

So the West Indies were totally stuffed …….. or were they?

Chris Gayle managed to hit 8 sixes in his 61 runs78.7% of his total in 6’s. He scored his 61 runs off of just 33 ballsTHAT is 1.85 runs every ball.

They were bowled out after 30 overs and 3 balls and had scored 250 runs. That is 1.37 runs each and every ball!

True, they didn’t last the distance but here’s a thought. With the bizarre restrictions placed on the fielding side these 50 over matches really are an innings of two halves. The odd thing is that the Half-Way mark is now recognised as 31 overs {we said it was bizarre!}

Put that in your spreadsheet and the West Indies have 254 runs at the half-way point and end with a total of 508!

THIS was one hell of a game but just imagine what it might have been.

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