It’s Only A Very, Very Tiny Thing But Clarkson Report On The BBC

No point wasting time reminding readers what we think of Tory-Loving-Cameron-Apologist-Chipping-Norton-Set-Bloodsucking-Racist-Bully Clarkson so we won’t. What was funny though was the way it has been reported by the BBC.

He’s been sacked, out on his arse, given his P45, shown the door, kicked-out, fired, given the boot, sent packing, shipped out, dismissed. We all know that.

So what did the BBC say? They said he’s been ‘Dropped’. Oh, ‘dropped’. Like something that was fumbled and fell to the ground. Like something you accidentally lost a grip of and ‘dropped’ to the ground.

Couldn’t be that the BBC are caking their pants in case he prevents them ever showing a repeat, anywhere in the world, at any time ever? No, the BBC are bigger than that……….surely?

How Terribly, Terribly Quaint

How Terribly, Terribly Quaint

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